About Us

Who we are/Mission Statement

We are an organization of Americans who are dedicated to the timeless principles that shape our civilization and reality. We humbly seek to share our ideas and experiences with interested readers in the vast public arena of civil society. However, we are not nor do we claim to be professionals or experts. There are a wide array of topics involving politics, culture, the arts, religion, and philosophy that we would like to cover in this blog, therefore we will refer to experts when necessary especially when dealing with established facts and to support our case (check our Recommendations page). We hope our values and principles can reach hearts and minds of our society during tumultuous times.

Our guiding principles are as stated:

Statement of Principles

  • That there is a natural order determined by laws, and behind those laws is a law giver that which is God. God is the transcendent creator of the world, and the enforcer of its laws. Hence, we believe in a binding truth that is the root of our reality, and on which our culture and society stand. Therefore, truth and reality are objective not a creation of man’s own subjective feelings or thoughts.
  • That the Christian-Judeo ideas of sin and imago dei (image of God) are dual truths evident within our society. These truths on one hand demonstrate the imperfections of humanity and the brokenness of our world. On the other hand, it portrays the natural beauty and purpose bestowed on the world and its inhabitants. Along with that, the intellect and intuition are imperfect but unique gifts to the human mind. Therefore, we reject the notion of a utopian society but constantly work towards a better one that values every human life as a precious gift to be cherished.
  • Humans were not only endowed with the gift of life and a beautiful world but also certain inalienable rights. That along with life comes liberty and the pursuit of happiness as stated in our Declaration of Independence and reflected in our Constitution. The Constitution also forms a government that brings order in our society so these rights can be freely practiced. Therefore, the Constitution and the rule of law is vital to freedom, and a good government must check the passions of man while limiting their own scope of power to the few and defined elements in which it operates.
  • Human freedom brings about human interaction, hence our freedom is never practiced in a vacuum but for the common good of society. Therefore, the individual has a responsibility to the little platoons of society in which the family is the basic building block that unites with other families to form a community, and these communities form the basic institutions of our republic. Institutions that reflect virtue and goodness. We are not a collective group but a community of individuals with unique families, backgrounds and abilities that build our society and acts as a mediator between the State and the individual.
  • Human interaction also involves property and ownership that features a free exchange of goods and services, which then creates a market guided by an invisible hand that leaves everyone better off than before. In order for this free market to benefit everyone, government must protect private property and enforce justice on behalf of everyone’s interests. Therefore, nothing like the free market inspires the value of hard work and productivity which lifts people and nations out of poverty.
  • The free market economy works uniquely in conjunction with a good government guided by a free and moral people. That when any of these things are corrupted the other is subject to follow. Therefore, in a republic founded on an idea of “We the People” it is our job as a nation to keep our government accountable to these standards. We the people must also be accountable in governing ourselves by cultivating a virtuous character that protects our freedoms.
  • These timeless principles are what shapes our country today and it stands as an example to the world. America is a nation founded on the ideas of God, Christian-Judeo values, the Declaration of Independence and its inalienable rights, Constitutionalism and the rule of law, Free Enterprise, and the institutions of democracy that make it exceptional. That is why we fight to conserve these time tested truths and traditions. Our nation under God with these universal values must be a leader in the world. Therefore, a humble guidance of leadership is what America must portray for the good of humanity and the world.
  • Hence, we seek to transform our society by looking back on these timeless principles in order to move forward. Therefore, we believe the many ills that face America and the world today will not be solved simply by politics but through the changing of hearts and minds.